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Whether it’s your first or next home, or a great investment opportunity, let me show you a few smart steps to get your mortgage off to a great start.

Andrey Belskiy

Mortgage Planner


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Andrey Belskiy

Mortgage Planner

A graduate of the University of Moscow, Andrey has a diverse background reflecting his interests of mathematics and supply side economics. Andrey has earned a Master of Science degree in Agriculture (1991) and has completed since the Canadian Securities Course (2008), the Professional Financial Planning course (2009) both from the Canadian Securities Institute of Toronto, LLQP Course (2009), Manitoba Mortgage Salesperson Course (2012) and is a member of CAAMP and ADVOCIS professional associations.Andrey has become an Accredited Mortgage Professional in 2014

Andrey has been in business for 8 years. His goal is to help you navigate through complex world of finance and assist you with finding optimal solutions that best reflect your needs and means.

Main stream of his services can be seen as follow:

  •  Mortgage and refinancing;
  • Various types of insurance – life, health, income.

Insurance for those crossing the border. Individual and group benefits;

  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP); Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and investment programs.
  • Financial planning;

Andrey is an official representative of the following companies:

  • Mortgage Architects (mortgages);
  • Investia Financial Services Inc. (RESP, RRSP and investment, as well as Mutual Funds);
  • PPI Solutions Inc. (insurance contracts, RESP and Segregated Funds investments);
  • Manulife Bank (savings accounts and GIC, TFSA, RRSP).

Andrey is an independent representative of the mortgage, insurance, investment and financial institutions and is ready to present you with all available possibilities under best possible conditions that are available at the moment.

Andrey provides financial advice in both personal and business matters. His advice to you is built upon hard facts and reflects the latest changes in banking, insurance, securities and tax law. His area of interest in financial planning is protecting client assets, ensuring that they will be available for your lifetime so that you can leave a legacy for your children and community.

Andrey speaks 3 languages fluently (Spanish, Russian and English), has a warm and friendly personality and cares about his clients as people first. He is committed to helping you make informed decisions to achieve your financial goals, continuous education, research and integrity.

What Andrey does is to consolidate all of your family assets into one balanced program, So that you can improve your asset accumulation in less time with fewer risks along the way, which means that you are more likely to spend your golden years watching your grandchildren growing up instead of nervously checking your bank balance or the stock market.