Expert To Guide You Buy Smart

Whether it’s your first or next home, or a great investment opportunity, let me show you a few smart steps to get your mortgage off to a great start.

David Rebeck

Mortgage Planner

Whether you are looking for a new home, have your existing mortgage coming up for renewal or just would like to improve your cash flow, David has the expertise and resources to provide the best mortgage solution for you!

David Rebeck when not helping customers can be found in the Winnipeg rinks in the winter as both of his children, Brett and Haley play hockey and during the summer he is likely looking for his golf ball in the Rossmere tree line or enjoying some boating with his family at Lee River.

David has both his Personal Financial Planning and Accredited Mortgage Professional designations, is a former Branch Manager of the National Bank of Canada and has over 20 years experience in the financial industry helping people with their finances.

You work hard for your money, David works hard for you to keep it.  As a mortgage professional, he is compensated by the lenders for bringing them your business so he works for you for free!  In today’s challenging and ever changing economic environment doesn’t it make sense to use a professional to negotiate a better rate or financing solution?  Let Dave do his job, give him a call!