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Whether it’s your first or next home, or a great investment opportunity, let me show you a few smart steps to get your mortgage off to a great start.

Olayinka Brimoh

Mortgage Planner


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Olayinka Brimoh

Mortgage Planner

Olayinka provides financial advise to both individuals and businesses. He is committed to helping you make informed decisions, in order to achieve your financial goals and to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

His areas of specialzations includes:


*First time home buyer.

*Self employed {contractors}.

*Bad credits.


*Equity Line of Credit {HELOC}.

*Cottage or Secendary homes.

*Rental properties.


*Life insurance {Perm and Term}.

*Critical Illness Insurance.

*Long term Care Insurance.

*Disability Insurance.

*Group insurance for organisation of any size.

*Super visa Insurance and travel insurance.

*Personal Health Insurance.

*Key person insurance.

*Executive retirement Plans.

*Health Spending account.

*Medical trust.


* Registered Retirement Saving Plan {RRSP}.

* Registered Education Saving Plan {RESP}.

*Tax-Free Saving Account {TFSA}.

*Non-registered account.

*Group Pension Account.


*Bachelor of Science {B.Sc} degree in Agriculture.

*Master of Science{M.Sc} in Agricultural-Economics

*Master of Business Administraion {MBA} in General Management.

Professional Designation:

*Professional Financial Planning {PFPC}.

*Chartered Investment Manager {CIM}.

*Certified Financial Planner {CFP}

Olayinka is committed to personal development and ongoing learning.