Is Refinancing My Mortgage a Good Idea???

Refinancing is the method of renegotiating the existing mortgage loan agreement to obtain access to the equity in your home or to save money on other borrowing expenses by taking advantage of a lower interest rate. You may use refinancing to consolidate debt or pay for other major expenditures such as education or renovations. You choose new conditions for your home loan agreement when you refinance.

How do you know When is the right time for refinance?

Determine how long you expect to stay in your house, understand your financial goals, and know your credit score to consider whether it’s the right time to refinance. All these factors, as well as existing refinance interest rates, should be considered when deciding whether to refinance. Consider the following steps to decide the right time:

  • You require a debt consolidation
  • Your financial situation has improved
  • You have built up significant home equity

Do you lose equity when you refinance?

Even if you refinance your home, the equity you’ve built up over time, whether by principal repayment or price appreciation, will be yours. It all comes down to how the home appraises during the refinancing from the lender’s perspective.

How to Guide to Refinancing your Mortgage?

  • Review your refinancing options
  • Check your credit
  • Factor in a few additional costs
  • Know Your Home’s Equity
  • The Costs of Refinancing
  • Know Your Taxes


If refinancing decreases your mortgage payment, reduces the term of your loan, or helps you build equity faster, it can be a smart financial decision. It can also be a useful method for keeping debt under control when used correctly. Be sure to evaluate all your options before deciding. Again, keep one thing in mind, if you are not planning to stay in the home for more than a few years, the cost of refinancing may negate any of the potential savings.

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